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Single Malt Whiskey

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$65.00 per Bottle

NEW RELEASE! Our Single Malt Whiskey offers a delightful combination of caramel and oak notes.


Crafted from a single Scottish malt, our brand new Single Malt Whiskey undergoes a two-year maturation process in new American oak barrels. Distilled to an ABV of 45%, this whiskey reveals intricate aromas while maintaining a smooth profile with subtle smoke. 

To achieve a sweet, nutty, and floral tone reminiscent of Scotch Whiskey, our whiskey is peated. However, U.S. distillers are prohibited from labeling this style as “Scotch” due to its protected classification in Scotland. Therefore, we affectionately refer to it as “Single Malt Whiskey.”

Tasting Notes

Nutty, floral, and aromatic with a sweet, lightly smoky finish
Aging 2 years in new American Oak barrels
Alcohol % 45
Size 750 ml