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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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$65.00 per Bottle
Aged for 2 years in new charred Oak American Barrels with notes of toasted oak, chocolate, and caramel greet the senses, with Tobacco and subtle vanilla lingering on the finish.


Distilled from a mash of Corn, barley, and Rye, this Straight Bourbon is approachable, smooth, and sophisticated. Coming in at 90 proof, or 45% ABV, it has a clean bite that whiskey lovers are familiar with, but with robust flavor, and sweet undertones. After mashing, the resulting wort undergoes an approximate 1-2 week fermentation. Once complete, the fermented mash is then distilled through our two-stage process, and rested in new American Oak Barrels with Char #4 designation for 2 years. Part of the reason for possessing sweet undertones is due to the barrel charring process. When exposed to high heat, hemicellulose present in the wood breaks down into wood sugars, imparting some caramelization on the inside of the barrel. The grain used during the mashing process also imparts natural sweetness into the distillate before barrel aging. The combination of these components is synergistic, creating a full-bodied, mature Straight Bourbon.
Size 750 ml